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Did this nasty badly designed banner get your attention? Are you an FtM/transmasculine/etc. person who’s low on cash? LOOK AT THIS POST.

OK SO I hang out on several sites (including Tumblr) where there’s a lot of FtM’s/transfolk. Especially in this poopy economy, we’re all short on cash right now. It BREAKS MY DARN HEART to see transfolk suffer mental breakdowns just because they can’t afford binders, packers, T, or whatever else they need to feel more at home in their bodies. I’ve been there, it’s awful, and I don’t want you to be there. So I’ve compiled links and a few other things to help you guys, PLEASE spread this around to anyone who you think would benefit from it, on or off of Tumblr. If you have things to add, let me know!  I’d love to compile a list for MtF’s as well, but unfortunately that will take some more research for me as I’m much less informed in MtF goodies.

(a few of these things I’ve posted before, I just compiled them with some new stuff.)

NOT EVERYTHING LISTED BELOW IS FREE, but I’ve searched for the cheapest gear/services possible, if you know any CHEAPER ones, please reply, reblog or send me an Ask!



As most of you know, Big Brother Used Binders is a wonderful place to go if you cannot afford one. They are NOT 100% FREE, they do require a $5-$8 shipping fee on donated Underworks binders as well as up to a $12 fee on non Underworks donated binders. This is still EXCEPTOINALLY CHEAPER than $40, $50 or $100+ that you could be spending on the same ones.

Some Underworks products are also available on Amazon and other sites for slightly cheaper than what’s on the actual Underworks site, which is already very well priced.

Also, when looking for binders, don’t restrict yourself to FtM gear. Men with gyneocamastia also have a lot of compression shirts to choose from, and, yes, there’s always cosplay gear. Even a one-size-too-small sports bra may work for some. Sports bras are definitely the cheapest option, but they won’t work for everyone, if you head over to Walmart/Kmart/whatever superstore to check out the sports bras, keep an eye out in the Active wear section for things like “waist trimming belts”, which are often very similar to binders but worn on the waist.

HOWEVER, KEEP IN MIND THAT THESE ARE NOT MEANT FOR YOUR CHEST! Do NOT tighten these as much as you would a binder made for your chest, they often have less give, as in they won’t stretch when you breathe. If your dysphoria is really killing you, these are a good -temporary- solution that’s safer than medical tape like Ace bandages, they’ll do the job until you can get something more specialized. The only time I’d really recommend these is if you are a SMALL chested individual, someone who doesn’t need a ton of compression. Larger chested people should NOT use these, as you will need more compression to achieve the flat chest look, we don’t want any bruised ribs or decreased lung capacity here. And I shouldn’t have to say this, but, please don’t wear your binders to bed. Having breasts when you don’t identify with them isn’t fun, but you have to give your body a break.

And no matter how poor you are, please please please don’t use duct tape, Ace bandages, or any other type of medical bandage.

I made my own first binder in Junior High out of a piece of light canvas that I found in the garage, I’ve always had a small chest but it worked pretty well. I made a quick tutorial on how to make your own (velcro type anyway. You can also use a zipper, snaps, or lace up instead!), I don’t much recommend light canvas, as it didn’t stretch much, try to find a durable fabric with a decent amount of stretch. I know it’s tempting to get really rigid, non-stretchy fabric because you think it’ll bind better. Don’t. Using a fabric with no stretch will bind, but it’ll also keep you from breathing deep, and if it’s tight enough, hurt your ribs! Also don’t use fabric that’s TOO stretchy, it’ll be comfy but it won’t bind.

How to make a cheap simple binder:

One last note about this little tutorial; position the connecting pieces wherever you like them most. Some binders close in the middle, some on the back, my favorite is on the side, under the armpit. It’s out of the way and easy to reach, plus it’s least visible there. Wherever you want it to connect is going to effect where you put the straps, so keep that in mind.


Basic packer harnesses, in 3 different sizes for UNDER $4, with free worldwide shipping.



L is actually primarily a sex toy website (NSFW AND NOT FOR THOSE UNDER 18.), HOWEVER, they carry various regular packers, play packers and harnesses. If you go there, you’ll realize that they have pretty average prices. So what’s the big deal? You can potentially get -anything you want for free-. How? The EdenRewards program gets you points EVERY TIME YOU DO SOMETHING ON THE WEBSITE. Every search, every comment, every poll vote, every rating gets you money to spend on the site! You rack up points (1 point = 1 penny), and when you have enough for what you want, simply convert it to a giftcard and get your stuff. PLUS once you recieve your items, you can do written reviews on them TO EARN MORE POINTS. There is a transgender forum to hang out and talk in, you get MONEY FOR SPENDING ON A NEW PACKER JUST BY TALKING TO PEOPLE… OR TOYS. depends on what you want haha. But how amazing is that? Dedicate 15min a day to posting in the forums, rate a few products, and within a few weeks you could have yourself a new packer/pack and play/harness (they don’t currently carry binders) plus they carry feeldoes… yeap.

Example of how much you could earn in 15min-1hr a day:

Log in = 2 points

Comment on 7 different products = 21 points (you can comment anything, like “looks cool” or “no thanks” or a detailed description of why you like the color scheme haha)

Comment on 7 different profiles =21 points (you can comment things like “great reviews” or “cool icon”, easy stuff!)

Comment on 9 different reviews = 27 points (most people just say “thanks for the review!”, but you can always leave a nicer comment than that haha)

Rate 7 of those reviews = 21 points

Submit 5 searches = 25 points (you can search words, or even just letters to see what you get, it doesn’t have to come up with anything to get points)

Vote in 7 polls = 7 points

Make 10 posts in the forums = 50 points (any forum, you can post anything from detailed discussions to simply “ok lol”)

That’s $1.74 a day just for being active on the site. There’s also several ONE TIME points you can get for opening the account (it’s free), posting in your profile for the first time, verifying your email (which can be private), and subscribing to the newsletter. EVEN BETTER; doing GOOD reviews and getting positive votes will make your ranking go up, and when you hit a 5/10, you can request FREE PRODUCTS TO TEST OUT AND REVIEW. You have to start out with cheap stuff first (they have to approve you first), but the more reviews you do, the more points you’ll get, and the more expensive items you can request.

Hey, with the Mr. Limpy only being $13+shipping, you could save up for one in a few days if you were very active!

Also, they have the cutest harnesses I’ve ever seen

Check out the EdenClassifieds section, once in a while someone will have a harness or packer for sale for super cheap! Unfortunately you can’t use your edenpoints on those.

One last thing, with every order on EdenFantasies they give a free gift! I remember there being a tote bag, toy cleaning wipes (which would work great for daily packer cleaning!), EF shirts, a vibrating cock ring (aka a new accessory for your feeldoe?), and SOMETIMES they carry small free sex toys that are discontinued, overstocked, or on a special deal. Now only if they’d carry binders! :0 Make sure the EF staff knows that there’s a big demand for them, they’re good at listening to what their customers want.

So get your packer from Eden with your points, and a harness from PriceAngels, there you have a packer and harness for under $5 plus a free cock ring/shirt/bag/wipes, and your binder from BBUB for $12 or less. How much do you love me now? I’m the FtM King of Frugality.


(Potentially) FREE TESTOSTERONE (Androgel)

This doesn’t need any more explaining, just read Xyxrebellion’s post and see if you qualify :D Unfortunately this is only for guys in the USA.

Your height making you feel less like a man? Want a few extra inches to feel more confident? PriceAngels saves the day once again. Free worldwide shipping, and both sizes under $10.

Shoe lifts!

5cm shoe lifts:

2.5cm shoe lifts:

Have a small chest? Enough to not bind much, but your nipples are… well, feminine? Keep those boys flat, without the use of a non-skin safe tape:—s99831.html

If I come up with more stuff, I’ll add to this. Please send it to anyone you think could find it useful!

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